Wednesday, April 23, 2008

smack down

ok - new rule - any presidential candidate who appeared on WWE two nights ago - does not get my vote.
so that means - i will not be voting for Hil-Rod - no i cannot smell what Barack is cooking - and no - i will not be signing up to join the McCainiacs any time soon..
i know - i might be over reacting.. but seriously - these people are running for president hulk hogan style.. so disappointing..


Kimberly said...

is the WWE something you watch on a regular basis?

chara said...

oh yes.. i watch WWE all the time.. it's where i get all my political information.. i find it's more fair and balanced than fox..

LizardQueen said...

EXCEPT that hulk hogan would make a damn cool president brother!

LizardQueen said...

also circles back to my theory that all the votes for presidential elections really do come from white trash america. perhaps these candidates are not stupid... but really smart. smart enough to brainwash a bunch of rednecks into voting for them.

hill-dog out- she has a vagina
obama- out, there is still racism in these WWE loving folks

mcain... shoe in... he's white and old... must be smarter n' all of us.

Anonymous said...

Kimberly would vote for The Rock if he ran for president. I think she can smell what he is cookin or somethin?

Kimberly said...

oh you bet I would!
if you can't smell what the Rock is cookin' you definitely have something wrong with you!

Chelsea said...

Holly Cow....where have I been? I guess in a coma from this dang diet...yeah that's it.

Did say Hilary has a news to me!

I beter stop my self...I really do not like to partake in presidential conversations....especially with you people who watch WWE ;)

Chelsea said...

I meant to say....did lizardbreath say ......Hills VJJ through me off!

Chelsea said...

GOD....I spell like I'm drunk yet haven't had a drink in like.... forever! Think I'll start right away!