Thursday, April 03, 2008

Its April 3rd, time to spread some love

Hello to all

Its April 3rd, and it has thus been declared Good People Day by my friend Gary Vaynerchuk.

Its a day to celebrate the good people in your life. And since taxes are done and i am in a loving mood, its a good day to do it.

So take some time today to say thanks to all your friends, family and loved ones that are good people and spread the word.

To all my friends all around the world, We love you so much, and you are the best people ever!!!

spread some love and good cheer today people



chara said...

i've got a question.. when did my husband become gay?

Ben.. said...

Sounds like Chara needs a big internet hug to put some love into her heart.

Come one everyone together now, lets all show Chara some love and hopefully she won't be such a hater.

LizardQueen said...

i just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

har har


chara, if i recall ben became gay the moment he ordered the strawberry lemonade in the frilly fruit swirl glass that day at red robin and we will NEVER let him live it down. (also the same day our server's favorite color was teal...complete with balloon for me)

i'm late for my drum circle... see you guys there.

happy good people day.

Anonymous said...

With comments like these, It must be Good People Day!

Chelsea said...

I love the Gays...yeah gays! I love you too Neb