Saturday, April 05, 2008

Here's the new plan

So you know i'm addicted to Craigslist and i can't seem to have enough cars around my house nowadays, so here is my new plan.

We (Chara and I and some of you, our friends), get an RV off of Craigslist for a couple grand. We pimp it out inside, fix it all up, maybe even a greasel conversion, and we drive that thing to South America.

Who's in?

And i want to make a quick stop by Bonnaroo this summer too.


LizardQueen said...

i am soooooooooooooooooooo beyond there. we missed out. there was the UGLIEST but LARGEST RV parked by my little coffee shack for like 2 weeks! it would have been perfect. bonnaroo i am down too. viva la resistance.

argentina, peru, costa rica, venezuela, and everywhere in between here we come.

let's go green. we might smell like frenh fries everywhere we go but we can wear extra deodorant or something.

maybe we can do something crazy and get sponsors. how we will go about that i have no idea yet.

Anonymous said...

define summer? for us teachers, it starts june 17th, so we'd be good after that!!

Chelsea said...

B and I have been totally annoyed by the 2 large rvs parked out on the street right across from our house. Maybe we can get one or both of those. COUNT US IN!!!! That is if you don't mind kids. Maybe B and I should have our own rv.
I'm sure Chara is really in love with your whole plan. Where did you come from...Enumclaw or something?

Anonymous said...

blogger and google hate me. i'll get it to work one day, but for now i can't put anything on your sprite blog. keep getting error codes. yeesh


1) did you straight shoot the entire pull? tape or hard drive camera? what film rate/quality?

2) what did you use to edit the whole thing and make the movie? adobe premier?

3) what/where are you hosting these videos and is it jus a straight imbedded link to another host site, or is it off your machine?

4)what are you going to do with the taurus shell?

5) what did you find out about the block, cylinders #1, 2?

6) what did you need the 4 foot cheater bar for?

7) what did you break your socket on?

8) did the engine come out that clean, or did you clean it after it came out?

9) where did you get the teckno eddy music, and is that free use music?

more later,
looks good so far,
and never let joey drive it if you want it to survive,


Lisa Darden said...

colorado is on the way to bonnaroo, right???
please tell me you plan on making a stop to visit... we'll take you to the zoo and our very own "North Pole" - you know you want to see Santa in the summer!
we have LOTS of rock climbing!

Anonymous said...

I have a boat we could bungie cord to the top.
Can we get a Vespa for the front bumper? please!!!

Ben.. said...

sure, we can tie vespas all over the thing and then we could park the RV and turn into a vespa scooter gang.

Anonymous said...

Sweet! I'm gonna wear chaps!