Monday, April 14, 2008

And so it begins...

In preparation for our big Mexico trip and just for summer in general we are starting our Diet 2.0. Not sure why its 2.o, but it sounds better.

We (yes both Chara and I) are going to do this diet together for the next 30 days. Because after 30 days my family comes into town and Chara is done with school and its all going to hell with eating out and parties and such. So for the next 30 days, we diet.

We are doing the Tim Ferris crazy protein diet. Very similar to Atkins. Basically, no carbs, lots of protein and vegetables etc. We did our shopping yesterday so today we start.

I should probably weigh myself so i know where i'm starting at.



Chelsea said...

Just wondering (because I might do the same thing) does that include no wine? I'm thinking of starting back up again. 2 weeks of no drinking has lost me some weight, but some friends of ours(whos names I will not mention) informed me the other night(as they were all getting drunk) that I am no longer any fun to hang out with.

This in a problem in more ways than one.....

am I no fun? Do I need to be drinking to be fun to hang out with? Do I abandon the wieght loss program in order for others to be happy with me? OR>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Are they just all crazy? YUP that is it.....THEY ARE ALL JUST CCRRAAZZYY!!!!!!

I'm still saving the drinking for Mehico!!!!!

Keep up the good work NEB NEB and ARAHC!

Chelsea said...

By the way.....I think you might float away if you get any smaller guys!