Thursday, September 27, 2007

speaking of dogs..

So every time ben travels somewhere, it seems something horrible happens back home.. one of the reasons i tell ben he can't leave home anymore

well this trip is no exception

We lost a loved member of our family today. Our eldest dog Sadie is no longer with us.

She was 14+ years old and had a lot of spirit in her until the end. She would always keep up with the younger dogs and was always there to protect us.

We will all miss you Sadie

sadie and me..

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The Shib said...

Oh Sadie Lou. Im sorry to hear that guys. She was super sweet.

Anonymous said...

Now is one of those times that if we lived closer I would have brought you over some of the homemade chicken soup I just made.
Wonder if I could mail it to you?
Anyways, I'm thinking warm loving thoughts of you and your Sadie.

LizardQueen said...

Sadie lived a good life with an awesome family and the big lover Keaton... and I know you will miss her.

Mama always said:

Lick of the hand, wag of the tail, a puppy's love will never fail.