Tuesday, September 25, 2007

chasing the caffine dragon..

the other day i had my very first latte.. - i'm not a coffee drinker.. i hate the way coffee tastes.. but.. i had to take ben to the airport on very little sleep - and then go wait in the rain at REI - so i ordered the girlyest drink i could find - pumpkin spice latte - which was ok - it tasted good except for the coffee part..
by the end of the coffee i think i was the happiest i have ever been.. all of a sudden it was great to be alive, and i was so happy to be awake at that early hour, and the rain was a beautiful thing, and it didn't matter that ben was going away for ten days.. he'll be home soon.. - i was like pollyanna on crack..
i now understood why people who don't have their morning coffees are super grumpy.. i understood why all my girls hit up starbucks before class.. purchasing a $100 starbucks gift card made perfect sense to me.
i loved that feeling...

i loved it so much that yesterday i tried a vanilla latte (trying something new) just so see if that's how caffeine works on me.. and.. turns out that nope.. the pumpkin spice latte was a one time thing.. couldn't duplicate that feeling.. now i am sad.. i was so looking forward to exploring this new caffeine world..
perhaps the secret was the pumpkin spice latte - i might have to try another one..

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The Shib said...

fah shizzle. That pumpkin spice latte is the bomb-shiggity!

Please also try the gingerbread spice latte after Thanksgiving. I believe its the combo of nutmeg and caffeine that makes you feel like Pollyanna on crack.

Oh that Polly...so young and deranged...