Saturday, September 22, 2007

oops i did it again..

yes.. the aforementioned rei sale..
this is the 'used gear' sale.. what happens is that people return things to rei - and they can't resale them at normal price - so they drastically mark things down - and sell them to rei members.
truth be told i don't need anything.. yet i go to this sale 'just to see' -
but here is the problem.. this sale is addicting.. you get in there - and everything is such a good deal that you just start grabbing stuff - just because.. you don't really need it.. but it doesn't matter... you are saving so much money..
every time i go i spend way more then i wanted to.. as i did today..
i bought a new pair of running shoes (i justified them somehow)- but they were 120 dollar asics (my favorite) for 40 bucks
and a gym bag originally 70 bucks - but today - extra special for me - 30 bucks
- and there is more.. but i will spare you..
it was insane.. but.. so much fun.. thanks to matt, jess, and melody who waited in line with me.. and poor ben didn't get to be a part this time.. which is sad.. and he was missed.. but i'm sure i spent less money with him not being there..

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