Saturday, September 08, 2007

itsy bitsy spider..

deborah called me this morning very concerned.. she had learned some information about africa that urgently needed to be shared with me..
deborah: 'kai.. you can't go to africa... know why? they have these big spiders.. and they make these big webs.. and if you get caught in the web the spider eats your eyes.. and then it eats you...'
-i, of course, had no intention of heading to africa this afternoon.. but deborah would only get off the phone after i promised not go to africa today..
about a minute later.. she gets me back on the phone to tell me about this other spider.. that has a big 'bottom' - not as big as ours - but pretty big.. and a red thing on it's belly - and 'you can't touch the red thing or your done for - your a gonner..'
and then deborah says, 'know what kai.. you probably should not touch spiders.. if you see a spider, you should call me and i'll tell you if it's ok to touch.. but just try not to touch them...'
*lesson for today *don't touch spiders - but if you absolutely must.. give deborah a call..

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LizardQueen said...

little deborah is my new BFF...

i agree- you should never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever EVER touch a spider, especially in Africa.