Thursday, June 28, 2007

bat phone..

today was awesome..

sometimes my job really rocks.. i work in the NICU (neo-natal intensive care unit) - and today the coolest thing happened..

we have a special phone on the wall - this phone only rings when some kind of 'baby' emergency is happening.. - today that phone rang.. i was right next to it - and it kinda made me nervous.. we answer the phone and we hear 'get to room 6 stat' - so.. we immediately run down the stairs, and across half the hospital - i know it is wrong... but it was the coolest thing ever.. there we are running across the hospital - everyone is getting out of our way - and we show up and they say, 'good - the team is here' - yes.. i was a part of that team..

we run into a room with a baby who is not pink, not doing much moving around, and not crying.. we do our thing - and it was awesome.. finally we stabilized the baby - hearing a baby cry has never made me so happy.. after that we were off to our next emergency..

it is very cool to be part of the NICU team..


LizardQueen said...


LizardQueen said...

that was supposed to say NICU 4 LYF

but i am obviously not on the ball. good thing i am not driving to vegas.

Anonymous said...

there is no better feeling in the world. Doing your job and having those kinds of results!
Good for you.
And Dee is getting better.Getting cranky and ornery, and bugging the @#$^%$#@ out of Jen