Sunday, June 03, 2007

the nanny diaries

i have been MIA for a few days.. i took a little 'vacation' and went up to my sisters house to babysit her kids... and then i had to take a couple days off to recuperate.. taking care of the kiddos is hard work..
but they are super cute..
and.. driving the new car up there made taking care of the kiddos even harder.. because ben told me - if the kids got anything on the new car that he would kill me.. and I believed him..
so... it added an extra bit of stress to the trip..
i said to the kids 'seriously you guys.. if you put your feet on the car seats one more time- boo boo is going to kill me'
deborah took great offense to this comment - and made me call ben right away - she had to tell uncle ben that killing kai is just not nice, and that he's not allowed to do it, and if he killed kai he'd have to go to jail, and jail is not fun but you only go there if you do something bad like kill someone.. so.. he couldn't kill kai, but instead he has to love kai, because kai is nice, and we all love her, and so please don't kill her.

it was a very cute phone conversation - and ben promised not to kill me no matter what the kids did to the car.. but i think he was crossing his fingers.. because if the kids really did make a mess of the new car he would kill me..

later that day isaiah summoned his inner rock star (very jared leto) and had me paint his fingernails blue.. the thing is - the kid is three years old.. and he doesn't understand that painting fingernails is a 'girl thing' - what he does understand is that blue is for boys and pink is for girls.. so.. as a good auntie.. i did as i was told.. and i leave you with the picture that might embarrass this kid when he starts dating..

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