Saturday, June 09, 2007

deep fried fair

friday was dollar day at the fair - so the hobbys and the cotes headed down to the san diego fair.. we went - walked around, pet some goats, listen to a swing band, bought a magic squiggle thingy, saw some cool rocks and fossils, and ate some corn dogs, turkey legs, and lots of fried food.. and of course ended the night with the cotton candy.. we had a great time... and now we don't' have to go to the fair for another whole year.

eating fair food goodness

jimmy magic squiggle worm - no strings attached

the gang
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LizardQueen said...

We like fried food and monster trucks (and special roosters)!!! Jimmy has mastered the "magic wiggle worm" and is amazed by his ablility to make it "jump" from one wone glass to the other. Still can't figure out how to get it through the CD though!