Thursday, July 20, 2006


today at work i was a 'sitter'
sometimes patients get confused and try to get out of bed.. when they have - say - a broken hip - and cannot/should not get out of bed.. and when they try to get out of bed they fall.. and that is bad for the hospital.. so the hospital employs us sometimes to become 'sitters'.. which means we sit in the confused patients room all day long.. doing nothing but reminding them not to get out of bed..
that is what i did today.. and not knowing my job today, i didn't bring a book with me.. so i grab whatever book the hospital had.. happened to be a harlequin novel (only thing i could find).. and sat for the next 9 hours.. that's right.. i got paid to read smut and sit all day long..

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Emma said...

wow, what a job :)