Saturday, July 08, 2006

i hate the red cross part two..

you might remember a year ago when i went to the red cross to donate some blood and they told me no.. they didn't want my blood because i had been to thailand.. but they said to come back a year later.. and they'd let me give them some blood..
so.. today.. a year later.. i was ready.. i've been taking my iron.. eating some liver (which was gross by the way)... made an appointment. and went to go donate blood.. and the stupid red cross said to me.. no.. they couldn't take me today.. they could take my blood tomorrow.. but not today.. Because it has to be a year and one day.. so.. tomorrow i would be good to go..
now.. i know you might be thinking that this doesn't mean that the red cross hates me personally.. but i say - yes it does.. because they took bens blood.. and ben has only been back from thailand for one year.. same as me.. but his blood was ok for some reason.. they don't hate him..
so.. i decided that i hate the red cross.. and called san diego blood bank.. who said that they would happily take my blood.. and i told them i had been to thailand and they said as long i didn't travel along the laos border (which i didn't go near)they'd take my blood..
so i went down there.. and they took my blood.. no iron issues.. no travel issues.. no issues..
moral of the story: donate to the san diego blood bank - they are much nicer.. and have less issues..
*also.. while you are donating blood at the san diego blood bank.. they can take an extra vile and type you for bone marrow donation..


The Shib said...


You know I hate the red cross as well.
After interrogating my whereabouts since 2000, they poked around inside my arm looking for my juiciest vein and then later tossed my blood bag because apparently though I drink so much water it could be considered lethal, I was dehydrated and they can only use a full unit.

I will check out San Diego blood bank.

Emma said...

what's going on at the laos border that's so different from the rest of the country?! awhile ago thailand had a campaign "give blood for the king". he didn't need the blood he just was that nice philanthropic icon that makes thais feel like doing nice things. but i still thought the slogan was a bit weird.