Monday, September 05, 2005

we're going camping now.. we're on our way

i hate camping.. a lot.. i really really hate camping..
ben loves camping.. a lot.. and he hopes that one day all of a sudden i will wake up with a new love for camping.. he was hoping that day was this last sunday.. but it was not..
so this weekend ben, holly, ryan, lisa, ryan b., trav and i went 'hiking' in the idyllwild mountains.. we packed up all our camping gear, loaded it on our backs, and started walking up a mountain.. about 15 minutes in, i was done.. and unhappy.. and i realized that 'oh yeah i hate hiking, and all things camping'..
but i wanted to be a good sport.. so we hiked a little over 4 hours, with packs on our back (mine weighing a little over 15 lbs, and ben's weighing over 20 lbs).. at that point we weren't even half.. at the pace we were on we wouldn't have made it to campsite before dark.. so ben made the executive decision to turn around.. so him and i went back, and all the others persevered.. ben and i basically ran down the mountain.. 6 blisters, and an hour and a half later, we were down the mountain.. and now we had to find a place to stay..
apparently labor day weekend is big in idyllwild, so there was no room at the inn for ben and chara.. and all i wanted was a shower.. so instead, we camped in the idyllwild campgrounds.. in our itty bitty 'weighs less five lb tent'..
and i realized a couple things about me..
i hate camping.. i hate dirt.. i hate tents, and sleeping bags, and anything that is not my bed..
so.. ben and i discussed this.. and came to the realization.. that it's ok that him and i have different interests.. and that i don't have to go camping to be a good wife..
and with that being said.. i will never go hiking with gear on my back again.. i might succumb and go on a day hike every once in a while.. and i don't think i'll never go camping again.. but it's going to be a while before i bust out my sleeping bag again..

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