Wednesday, September 21, 2005

wake me up before you go go

so i'm having a hard time getting up in the mornings... in order to get to school on time i have to be out the door by 5:45... i have never ever been a morning person.. and i don't drink coffee.. so i'm having difficulty... if i got up and ran around all day it wouldn't be as bad... but instead i get up and sit in a lecture for 6 - 9 hours... making me even more sleepy.. so.. i called my very smart father.. and i asked him what i could do... and my loving father sent me some sample packets of an all natural energy stuff... so.. being an idiot i took the pack and opened it.. and took both pills.. not bothering to read the instructions which would have told me to take only one pill... 30 minutes later i started shaking like crazy.. my face, chest, and hands are bright red.. i kinda freaked out.. my pulse however was normal.. unfortunately this is the day we started injections... and i can't hold my hands still.. good times..
so.. the next day i took only one of those neat little pills and i was awake for class.. but no shaking.... i am in love with this stuff...if any one needs any energy.. and wants to do it the natural way.. just let me know.. i've got some wonderful stuff..


Anonymous said...

i'm on drugs. i am a golden god

chara said...

... i dig music..