Friday, January 16, 2009

More fun with Brandon and Chelsea

i think i'm still recovering from our adventures with Brandon and Chelsea. But it was so much fun. Here is the gang at Disneyland outside of our new favorite ride "Midway Mania" and if Brandon and Chelseas kids are reading this, No your parents did not go to Disneyland without you and they love you very much.

we are so cute. and Chara is pretty too.
Brandon and Ben working on a turkey leg
and before all of that we hit up our friend Mike's birthday poker party where Chelsea kicked ass and took 4th place out of 47 people. Here she is at the final table going all with aces and getting beat by the guy next to her with an off suite jack eight. Yeah he took out the next guy with an off-suite ten four. He was just lucky.
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Chelsea said... guys sure look like fun hosts! Maybe we should fly down this weekend and visit again! Are you game? How's tomorrow sound?

Ben.. said...

tomorrow is great. see you then!