Saturday, January 03, 2009

lost and found..

ben and i adopted keaton about 10 years ago from a humane society - and we were never really sure what kind of dog she was.. after years of having her we guessed we had a rodhesian ridgeback - but were never really sure.. a couple weeks ago i was walking around a flee market in la - when i saw someone walking a dog that looked excatly like my dog.. so i had to ask - what kind of dog it was..turns out these people had what they called a 'boerboel'

when researching boerboels - i learned that this breed is a mix of Rhodesian ridgeback, bull dog, and bull mastiff - which all look a little like my puppy - and all the research said that boerboels are very good watch dogs, loyal, and loved children - which are all very true of my puppy - but - when i read that these dogs 'require an extraordinary amount of human attention and companionship' - i knew i had found my dog..

yep. Thats our 100 pound lap dog that must be sitting on your lap at all times

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