Tuesday, November 04, 2008

go vote....right now

go vote

right now

get up

go outside

go to your polling place

and vote

unless you live up in the mountains and you know your vote doesn't count anyway.


Health Habitat said...


My vote counts twice!!
At least that's what the voices tell me!

It's a great day to be an American!!!

Chelsea said...


Sooooo excited about our 44th President Elect Obama!
My heart could possibly explode.

By the way...I love you soooo much Chara my friend!

Oh yeah...you too Ben!

Unknown said...

I was a little girl when MLK, JFK and Malcolm X were assassinated.
Robert Kennedy was shot on my birthday.
The marches are a part of my growing up years.
To see this event on Tuesday night was so huge and amazing and wonderful.
And the girls get a puppy!

Chara, don't worry your Dad slept thru it all.