Sunday, November 30, 2008

a thanksgiving dinner that couldn't be beat

for thanksgiving this year - we headed up to the sisters in LA - and had an awesome dinner and got a chance to celebrate isaiah's birthday..
i sent ben to buy isaiah's present - and ben came back with a bunch of nerf guns - which ended up being a big hit. the kids as well as the adults were running around shooting at each other - it was a fabulous time.. at one point it was war - and all the kids were running around trying 'get' uncle trevor - and trevor was running around defending himself with a wiffle ball bat, and a nerf bat - i was cracking up..
the nerf war of 2008

because it was isaiah's birthday as well as thanksgiving the theme was pirates/transformers/kung fu panda
here deborah and i were pirates - ready to eat our turkey

to relax after the war and dinner - we watched a movie..
uncle ben and deborah watching kung fu panda -
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