Monday, August 25, 2008

Our Oregon camping trip adventure

When i was younger and gas was cheap my friends and I would drive hundreds of miles to go camping in some far off place. We decided to relive those adventures this weekend with a last minute camping trip to Oregon. Myself, the wife and my friend Stacey and her family all drove up from San Diego to Lake of the Woods Oregon to camp while my friends from WA all drove down to meet us. We got the short end of that stick on driving. California is one really long state!

Here are the pictures:

The friends from WA kidnapped my friend Scotty from Oregon on their way down.Sunset on Lake of the Woods. The lake was beautiful
Scotty and Chara sitting on a log by the late. Chara is enjoying her juice box.
The kids snuggled by the fire
the dog snuggled on Logans lap
Me taking Carson swimming.
Bodie sitting on Chara's lap.

Chara and Logan posing with hatchets
Then all the kids joining in on the wood chopping competition
it was a great camping trip. It was a LOT of driving for a little of camping, but it was really great to see friends and spend some time in a beautiful place. And much better than sitting at home all weekend.


Anonymous said...

ummmmm.... yes...... I am from Washington and how come I was not kidnapped????hmmmm???!! Is it because I don't make my wine in a box?? I see how you are. I will have to re-think the whole "visit" while we are down there!

Ben.. said...

you were not on the way. We have very lazy kidnappers

Anonymous said...

Eye c