Thursday, August 07, 2008

family day

tonight the whole family headed to the farmers market in oceanside.. me, ben, and keaton.. as soon as we got to the market - i saw a big sign welcoming us to the market - but clearly stating that dogs were not allowed.. that made me a bit unhappy seeing as we had driven the dog all the way down there.. and then we took a moment to look around and noticed that no one else was paying much attention to the 'no dog' rule - so we joined the rebels - and had us some fun.. i sometimes forget how big my puppy is - but we got lots of comments on her size - and she did great considering all the love that she got from kiddos and random strangers..
the night was beautiful and the food was good - but i'm a little angry cuz i heard i missed the cotton candy booth - and i luvs me some cotton candy..

super good corn

keaton and the dad - going for a walk..

*on a side note - i would just like to point out the unfairness of this 'no dog rule' - listen - i don't think it's fair that i can't bring my dog places - but people are allowed to bring thier children places - it seems a bit unfair to me.. children can be just as unpredictable and messy as dogs - and at least i have my dog controlled and on a leash..
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