Wednesday, June 04, 2008

all done..

the truck is done and working just fine.. no new car for me today..


AuntT said...

I thought the rule was, once you were out of school you were going to get your Lexus!.. now onto your problem of needling to have a pool to study.. you know where to find one and I think we could muster up some wine for you and a wine glass, but that wont go over to well with trying to study, you'll fall asleep ( sorry thats the mom in me Chara), but lounge chairs are all warmed up for you and waiting.

chara said...

oh aunt tamie.. you always make everything better.. i am very much looking forward to laying out by your pool every day next week..

Anonymous said...

um...yes, can we get back to the bug now?!

Ben.. said...


back to the real car project now..

working on finishing rebuilding the engine for that one