Friday, June 13, 2008

my girl likes to study all the time

so today - like every other day this week - we headed over to momma jax - to studying for this giant 'nursing' test we have coming up..
we have been good little students and studied and answered practice questions every day... today we spent 5 hours answering and reviewing 200 practice questions.. it was brutal.. and my brain is done..

lizard, jax, and power sitting around a computer - reading questions - then arguing about the answer..

as painful as today was - i'd say it was a success..

on our lunch break we headed out to the back yard - jackie's husband is a lover of all things great and small - and has adopted multiple tortoises - it's always odd to be sitting in a back yard - and to have a tortoise walk right by you..
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Chelsea said...

What good girls you are....and what a great turtle!

OK...does anyone else think that this comment is totaly strange? Good girls...great turtle....weird!

I can always count on you Chara to bring me confusion and comedy at the same time!