Saturday, May 03, 2008

bring it on

today spin class went an extra half hour -
that's right - an hour and a half of spin.. that's something like 600 calories burned before lunch.. and now i'm ready for a nap..


Anonymous said...

Spin? is this a Cali thing?

chara said...

i don't think so.. i think our friend chelsea spins - all the way up there in WA

Chelsea said... are an Animal! Our spin class lasts 50 minutes and beleive me...I am done in 45. Good for you!

PS...B and I will bi in Mexico in 20 more cant come soon enough!

chara said...

oh chelsea - at 45 minutes - i was pumped.. i knew i could do it.. at 70 minutes - the A/C turned off - and i wasn't so sure.. but we made it.. it was hard - but totally worth it..