Tuesday, May 06, 2008

cold and rainy

Whats up with this weather? Its rainy out and i'm freezing. I can't wait to be next to the pool in Mexico with the sun on me. Almost there. Chara had her last lecture today. She only has 2 days of school left and then its party time. Wahoo!


Chelsea said...

The weather left us and ended up in your lap....sorry. Yeah for Chara....I cant beleive that there is only 2 days of school left for her! Wish we could be there to party with you guys....guess we will have to wait for Mexico.

Anonymous said...

I think when it's summer here, it's close to winter it P.V.
Enjoy the lightning storms!

The Shib said...

Seriously. Its all suck and windy here. Ive been raising my fist to the sky. Surely soon I will be smited. Smote?

Lisa Darden said...

2 days left... that was 2 days ago! Chara... CONGRATS!!!!!
it has to be GREAT to be done!

oh... and i'd really appreciate it if y'all would keep your yucky weather to yourselves next time... we don't want it in colorado. We are done with crummy weather and are ready for summer! thank you