Wednesday, May 28, 2008


it is now mid week - and we are having too much fun.. last night we 'crashed' a karaoke night at our resort.. ben even got up and sang me a song or two - we had everyone up in the place dancing -we made lots o' new friends- it was a great time..

today - we spent the whole day in the 'jungle' - on a zip line tour.. this tour boasted to be on the actual set of the classic film 'the predator'.. we had an amazing time - zipping through the jungle at 60 miles per hour

waterfall on the set of 'la predator' - funny i don't remember that being in the movie

after that we toured a tequila farm - learning all about the fine art of making tequila - and then sampled many different kinds..
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Anonymous said...

I remember that being in the movie. I wanted to go there, but we opted for the off road buggy adventure instead. how was the ta-kill-ya?

Kimberly said...

a zip line tour? that sounds like so much fun!!!

Chelsea said...

All I have to say Ben is......Pour Some Sugar On Me. hahahaha