Wednesday, March 19, 2008

sick of being sick

my body is going on strike. Its tired of being sick. Its had enough. Its walking off the job unless i get better.

it has made its demands

and i'm giving in to them.

time to get better.



Kimberly said...

Wow! Good luck with that. You'll have to keep us posted on your recovery process!

Chelsea said...

Well it's a darn good thing that you have your very own "Hottie Tottie Nurse" to take care of you! You do realize that you are living every husband's know every man wants their wife to dress up as a nurse and take care of him.
OK...maybe I just went a little far,) love, chelsea

LizardQueen said...

Dear Ben's body,

Please get better soon. Hot Nurse Charo would like to enjoy her husband's company; because even if he is a good patient, it really sucks trying to avoid all those germs when we are all trying to stay healthy!

Thank you,
Nurse Lizard

Lisa Darden said...

Hey Ben & Chara,
Hola from Colorado!
Ben - i hope you are getting better!
It's fun to find you in the world of blogs! (I hope it's ok, I hunted you down thru Keith's blog)...

Get well soon,

Ben.. said...

Hey Lisa and the Dardens

glad you tracked us down

i'm feeling a bit better now. thanks