Wednesday, December 05, 2007

things that go beep in the night

around 2am the power went out last night -
which in our house is really noisy..

ben has 3 different back up power supplies meant to protect his computers and such in the event of a power failure..

all this means to me is that when the power goes out - three diffrent things beep loudly, and consistently in order to warn me that the power is out.. these three things beep until they eventually run out of power..

ben of course doesn't wake to hear any of this until i (accidentally of course) knock him in the head looking for a flash light..

all this said to say - that i didn't get much sleep last night.. i might be a little grumpy.

1 comment:

Ben.. said...

actually i have 4 beeping things and i was sleeping fine until Chara climbed on top of me to wake me up to get a flashlight.