Thursday, December 20, 2007

rock on

today ben, jeanne, and i got on the train super early - and headed up to seattle for some christmas shopping.. we walked around downtown, shopped, ate, and had a great time..
in order to spend so much time away from the girls (the nieces) we had to promise that tonight we'd have '80's dance party'.. originally i didn't take this too seriously - until today when we came home - the girls had posters made for our party and their hair crimped in side ponytails.. i realized that i had to 'bring it' - and so i did..
while the girls went out - i got my 80's on - body glitter, gym shorts and all..
we danced all night, i drank some wine, and eventually we had a dance off.. the competition was tough - but by the judges unanimous decision - i was victorious..
we had a great time - but i've got to go take a shower, wash off my very pink eye shadow - and try to convince my hair to forgive me for all the crimping.. so damaging - but absolutely necessary..

let's get physical with princess sophie

zanadoo and army spice

girls just wanna have fun..
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