Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Vote for me

Hey Y'all

I'm heading back to SXSW in Texas in March and I'm in the running to run some panels at the festival.

so please take a minute to vote for my panel ideas so they will win


Chara thinks she's going too, so you can all tag a long and we'll have us a big Texas BBQ


LizardQueen said...

Lizard thinks she is going too. I have a really good friend who lives right near 6th Street. How 'bout it y'all?

I will go vote for you right now.


LizardQueen said...

Okay, I am not voting because I do not have a clue about that panel. I like the piracy one the best...

being it is a big deal and all.

I also like the documentary one a lot too.

I am so bored Charo, I already cleaned my house this morning, let's set up the pool!!!