Sunday, August 19, 2007

Day 5 - the end...

Sunrise on our tent just below Clouds Rest

The camera batter was dying at this point so we jump directly to Half Dome. Chara climbing up the cables like a champ.

It was really hot this day and we were sharing water. Thank God for this crazy man who hiked up a 28 pound watermellon in his pack for training.

oh so good... the perfect treat atop half dome

Us atop Half dome (a little bright)

When bears attack! we ditched chara's bag on the way to Half dome as we had to come back down that way anyway. we took out all the food but left the alcohol for the campnig stove. the bear got into it... crazy drunk bear

The bear also ripped up the thermarest

Thats the bear that ate Chara's backpack.

Chara coming down the mist trail, Nevada falls behind her

Vernal falls... so beautiful

the base of Vernal Falls

Chara on the bus in Yosemite valley after the hike... she liked the bus a lot

Half dome at dusk from the Valley

Us happy in our tent after the big hike

Chara is a happy camper now...

Oh the joys of real food

Thats what we did... 15.9 to Yosemite Valley, plus a 4 mile detour up and down Half dome.


LizardQueen said...

looks like you guys had an awesome time. crazy drunk bears. oh and love how you made the "real food" pit stop ASAP!

Rhianon and Heath said...

looks like a fabulous trip!
wish we could have joined you!

miss you guys!