Tuesday, July 24, 2007

take me home..

this last week i have been in washington state with ben's family... ben's whole family was moving into one big house - and they needed someone to come up and sit with nana, and the girls.. so i took a week off and headed up to the great rainy washington..
i am home now - which is nice.. but i thought i'd post photos.. perhaps unfairly i post many pictures of my niece and nephew - so here is ben's side of the fam..

this is hailey (she wants to be hilliary duff when she grows up) - she doing her very best hollywood pose

this is sophie - she changes her clothes 47 times a day... at this point she was in a swim suit and hat and gloves..

and here is maddie holding the new puppy (which i wanted to take home.. but ben said no)..

..the move was successfull - and nana is doing better.. so for the time being all is good in the northwest..
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