Thursday, July 05, 2007

sticks like glue..

day two of the project didn't go as well as day one.. the glue that was used to hold the carpet padding down wont come off.. no matter what we try - and we have tried everything.. including: steam, a blow torch, acetone, a floor stripper, cider vinegar, - and tons of elbow grease - it just wont come off... so - i guess we're on to plan b - we just have to figure out what plan b is..

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brian said...

use a scraper. either one with a razor blade or a flat metal edge, but the blade would be better. hd/ace/lowes sell ones that are 3" or 5" for just a couple bucks. they also have huge ones, but you won't need one of those. if that doesn't work, sand it off?? J/K! but it would work.

enjoy and stay out of the heat...hopefully it won't get over 100 for you guys...