Monday, December 11, 2006

Two holiday questions

Ok so i was listening to the radio and the DJ was doing thier yearly "i'm going to live up in a crane to get toys for kids" etc thing. So my first reaction was... "toy drive thats nice, i should get some toys for kids". Immediatly following that reaction was this thought. "toy drives are bad"

Horrible even. What toys do you buy for a toy drive? The cheap ones. Because you want to buy as much as you can for your dollar to give to the kids. So in fact what are you doing? Buying cheap crap, made by kids in another country to give to kids in this country. Now kids in this country may in fact be in need of toys, but how wrong is it to give them cheap toys at the expense of another child, probably in more need than the one here.

So my first question is... What gift/toy could you get/make that could be given to children for a toy drive.

second question is, i still have one of those Hickery farm saussage cracker things that everyone buys for gifts from last year that we haven't eaten yet. Is it still good?

and here is some free holiday advice. Don't buy crappy gifts.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Someone who actually thinks about things like that!
To me great gifts for the toy drives are either gift cards, or things like Lincoln Logs. Things the kids don't know about anymore, because they are not advertised. But they have stood the test of time. An Etch a Scetych...I*'d still love to have one of those!
Oh, and the sausage thing, pass it on to a food drive, and this year, eat it right away or open it up during the superbowl. Those guys will eat anything!!!cyjyrku