Monday, December 11, 2006

birds and the bees...

out of no where today, deborah (my four year old niece) says to her mom:

deborah: 'mom, i know that when i was a baby i grew in your belly.. but how did i get there?'

sissy: 'uh... well.. mommy and daddy loved each other so much.. that we wanted a baby, and so we prayed for God to give us a very pretty one.. and then you grew in my tummy'

deborah: 'yeah mom, i know that.. but how did i get there?'

sissy: 'uhhh'

deborah: 'did God put me there?'

sissy: 'yes.. God did it.. he put you there'

deborah: 'but how? does God have hands?'

sissy: 'uh.. yes.. that's how it happened.. we asked God for a baby, and he used his hands and put you in my belly'...

... but i don't think deborah was buying it.. she's a pretty smart 4 year old.. i'm pretty sure the question will come up again..

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