Friday, November 24, 2006

turkeys and such...

what a great day.. heath and rhianon came over.. and helped cook the most wonderful thanksgiving dinner... we had two turkeys - one deep fried thanks to heath.. and one that ben bbq'd.. everything was wonderful and delicious.. (i think by the time the turkeys were done we were all so hungry.. that i don't even think we took one picture of either turkey)
my sister and her husband and the kiddies came over.. and we went to the park, and drew chalk on the floor.. and had a great time..
my older brother and his girlfriend made it over later.. and we played a crazy game of poker.. in which i did not win... so really it wasn't all that great..

either way.. it was an incredible day with family and friends.. which i am so thankful for.. and in trying to recover... i slept in till noon today.. God bless the four day weekend..

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