Thursday, November 16, 2006

freedom - i wont let you down

the last six weeks have been a personal hell for me.. school has been very consuming.. this week.. i have finished my wednesdays clinicals, finished the last of my papers due, and took the last test in one of my classes.. i just have to get through a 12 hour class tomorrow, and a 3 hour lecture on tuesday.. and i get to have my self a whole week off.. God bless thanksgiving..

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Emma said...

yay for a lil R & R.... yes, i was just thinking how i needed to email you. well, i just clicked on this link for your email add and i am on my friend's comp so it isn't opening right and i can't figure it out... so, can you email me? i will be in LA tomorrow. my friend who i will be with lives in pasedena, but don't worry i can enlist him to be my personal chauffer.:)