Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Paging Dr. Strong... Dr. Strong to room 281

that's right.. at work today i had a 'combative'
patient.. who managed to get out of a poesy belt, and
restraints... i got kicked.. it took three security
guards, two nurses, and me to get her back in bed.. we
put her in a poesy belt.. and restraints at the same
time.. and ten minutes later - freaking houdini was
out of both.. and trying to walk around.. this time
she wouldn't let us put her back in bed - and we had a
call a dr. strong.. When a "dr. strong" is paged it
means any and every strong male anywhere must drop
what they are doing and immediately run to the room
in question to help handle the situtation.

awesome.. it took like six guys,
and two nurses to get her back to bed and put 'four'
point restraints on this women.. the greatest part of
the story is that this women is 80 years old.. yep..
your friend Chara got her ass kicked by an 80 year old

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