Monday, October 30, 2006

orange day...

today i was talking to my niece (who is 4) - and i asked her what she was doing today.. she told me today was 'orange day'.. and i asked her 'what'? (because the words 'orange day' didn't register with me)- and she said to me 'kai.. it's orange day did you forget?'... and i told her that i did indeed forget.. when my sister got on the phone i asked her 'what is orange day'.. and my sister informed me that at my niece's school they are not aloud to celebrate halloween.. instead they celebrate something they call 'orange day'..
and the brainwashing begins..

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LizardQueen said...

so is christmas green or red? okay wait, what am i talking about... she goes to a school where christmas is good right? okay... nevermind me.