Saturday, February 25, 2006

Gophers - 1.5, Ben and Chara - 1

The gophers have eaten 1.5 of our nice flowers

and what happens when you eat 1.5 of our nice flowers

you die. that's what happens.

the moral of this story. Don't eat our nice flowers!


Anonymous said...

Hey Chara...
As I am surfing the internet on this most glorious of days. I run into the epic drama of battle with Gophers. We too have been fighting this 100 Years War. We knew we had the little buggers but it was not a full fledged battle until...
I am standing outside of the garage takling to Jimmy. I notice out of the corner of my eye.. movement... a plant... in our yard... it's jiggling... and suddenly disappers... sucked down into the earth. This is not a small plant- but a fairly medium sized one. Jimmy springs into action. Digging up the earth... and alas he finds the gopher. I had to leave but my understanding is the Gopher did not win the Battle of Shovelhead. Poor Gopher... but that was it. The last straw. Our yard is dying a slow Gopher instated death. We too have set these things called traps. So far, we have only gotten 1. So we try poison. Turns out to work well but is a bad idea. Dead gopher= Boomer's new best friend. Which he proceeded to bring into the house unoticed and carry around for some unknown amount of time. Thank goodness he is not into dismembering the poor little furry guys. Jackie told me Jim said to catch Gopher snakes. They are not poisonus but obviously have a ravishing appetite for Gopher meat. Happy hunting!

chara said...
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chara said...

i'm not sure if we are winning the war or not.. we seem to be in the calm before the storm.. we caught one.. sweet old uncle billy.. and since then no more gopher mounds.. ben says that 'perhaps we only had one'.. but i say we have a large multi unit family of gophers that are secretly planning their counter attack.. which will be no good for us i am sure..
so.. i did think about snakes.. but did you know this.. gopher snakes are some of the largest snakes in north america.. we're talking big snakes.. and maybe cause your from florida, and used to seeing all manner of reptiles, you will have no problem with an anaconda or two living below your house.. but they scare the heck out of me..
so i am torn... and did jim say where to 'catch' this giant snakes?