Saturday, February 25, 2006

caddyshack take two...

ok.. we have been having gopher problems for a while.. and i've been struggling with how to handle this situation.. do we just try to shoo them away?? do we kill them??? trap them?? how should we handle this? we tried poison.. and that got rid of them for a while.. but now they are back.. and they hate us even more..
ben.. being so very cute.. planted a bunch of gerber daisies in our front planter.. this morning i went out and i noticed one of the very pretty plants seemed a bit lower then the others.. like something had tried to pull it into the earth, but quit halfway through.. but i wasn't sure if i was seeing things... so i left it alone.. this afternoon i went out to get the mail.. and that very same plant was gone.. vanished.. nothing left.. not a leaf, not a twig.. not even a flower petal.. whatever is underneath my lawn ate the whole gosh darn thing.. and now gerber daisy # 2 is on its way down..
so now.. it is on.. i let ben set two different traps down the gopher holes.. that's right.. horribly mean traps that will probably kill those little furry guys in unhappy and uncomfortable ways.. i can no longer feel sorry for them.. no longer do i feel guilt over my hatred.. they have destroyed too much..
stay tuned to see if ben and i win the great gopher war of 06...and if you have any ideas.. let me know.. i'd rather not loose another plant to the little critters..

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