Wednesday, November 09, 2005

mmmm good

actually haven't eaten him yet. he's on the BBQ now. But that is the lobster i caught.


update: he was good.

went diving last night. lots of lobsters, but most of them too small. this one was barely regulation limit. so home he went with me. Chara wanted to set him free. but instead i am cooking him now.

and yes i do look damn sexy after scuba diving


You can also watch a video of the advanture.

You'll need the latest version of DivX to watch it. (Grab the Play Bundle)


eotijqgoadflmvkad;lmf;lwetopirgopijadfpoiad;lfm said...

are you drunk? :)

Ben.. said...


as a rule i find its better to be slightly tispy when diving.

eotijqgoadflmvkad;lmf;lwetopirgopijadfpoiad;lfm said...

awesome (in my best owen wilson voice)