Sunday, October 02, 2005

Last day in NY

So we had some time to run around our last day in NY.

we headed down to the Statue of Liberty in the morning, but there was a crazy huge long line to get onto the ferry and we didn't have that kind of time, so we saw her from a distance.

We then walked up to Ground Zero where the World Trade Center used to be. Not much to see there. Just a big construction sight all fenced off, but still quite moving.

We then walked over to Wall street area (see pictures below)

After that we took the subway back to our hotel, checked out, grabbed some lunch at the Carnegie Deli (big sandwiches!), ate them in Central Park, and walked up to the Natural History Museum. Here we got Chara a wheelchair as she hurt her foot the first day in NY by wearing silly shoes as we walked for MILES! so she has been limping around in great pain ever since like a trooper. But the wheelchair was a nice break for her as we raced around the museum and saw everything that was to be seen.

After that we tried to get over to Serendipity again for another Frozen Hot Chocolate which are just the most amazing thing in the entire world. But alas they are always on a one to two hour wait and we did not have such time. So we made it back to our hotel, and headed to the airport where we are now waiting to get on our flight. (we love jetblue)

Chara will take her Xanax soon and we will be limping to our gate.

see everyone soon


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