Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Settling in to Phuket

We are settling into our house in Phuket and had to make a couple trips to local wallmart, named Tesco Lotus. This place is huge!!! We needed a lot of basic stuff for the house, as it was empty...

we are settled in now, and plan to head around the island to begin helping out with various projects and tsunami releif groups.

Of course first, i have to get over being sick. I always get sick when i go on vacation because my body knows its ok to relax and get sick now. Like clockwork. Anyway, i am VERY sick and trying to get over it quickly so i can get going on all the things we want to get going on.

We finally got internet in the house which was an ordeal all its own.

The thai people are all very nice and we are having a good time (minus the sick part)


I was going to upload some video, but our high speed internet is anything but high speed so we'll see if i can or not. For now see the pictures here and on the Sharp's Blog

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