Saturday, May 28, 2005

schools out for summer

so last night i graduated... that's right.. after seven years of school i have finally obtained my AA.... all of us felt a little silly... but we're not all sure we'll go to the same 'real' college.. so this way we at least got a graduation picture together.. i love all these girls so much..
christine.. thanks for always laughing.. at everything.. you are amazing..
jackie.. thanks for being the best mom ever..seriously.. you are so very cool.. and thanks for the beautiful leis.. straight from the big island..
judy.. thanks for being so positive.. and for the lucky skittles..
and sabrina.. thanks for the pony rides.. and for all the fun.. (and the xanax).. you are a blast...
here's to the whole gang.. i have had the most fun with you girls..

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