Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Natedog's Birthday picutures...

The Biola table was in full force with everyone having a good time.
We should get together more often.
good times...


Anonymous said...

b & c-
it was great to see you guys.
i look sick in those pics! zeke looks good though :)
what a cute baby, if i do say so myself...heh.
it was GREAT to see you guys.
we'd love to hang out sometime (if you can stand hanging out with a couple with a kid). :)
chara- tell me how the hypno lady works out....i'm interested!
email us sometime:


chara said...

heather.. you have no idea how good it was to see you guys.. and quit.. you look better than ever.. super skinny.. that jared is a lucky man.. and i love hanging out with kids.. just because i don't want one.. doesn't mean that i don't love hanging out with them.. (ben says as long as the kid goes home with you) just ask my neice and nephew.. i'm the best auntie ever.. can't wait to see you guys.. we'll send you some pics that ben took.. he got the greatest one of zeke.. such a cute baby..