Friday, August 28, 2009

Epic summer road trip - day one

Ok so we totally ran out of gas on the first day of our roadtrip. We
drove up from san Diego to san Francisco yesterday on day one of our
trip. Our car, a prius no less, has some issues with the gas tank. It
beeps to tell me to get gas and the. Proceeds to run out of gas 5
miles later. It should beep when I have 2 gallons left and thus
aproximately 90 more miles of driving, but not so much.

As luck would have it we stopped on the 101 right by a farm that has
thier own gas pump on the farm. So after some nice farm folk and a
gallon of gas that got us back on the road and down to the next gas
station which was only 2 more miles down the road.

After that we made it into san fran with no problems and we settled
into an awesome house we are renting. We are staying right by golden
gate park which is where the Outsidelands festival is taking place and
that's why we are here.

Looking forward to seeing some great bands this weekend


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Unknown said...

I bet those farmers are getting a kick out of your story!!