Thursday, December 04, 2008

Bedroom/Bathroom remodel update and the bright red shower from hell

Project update: Still kicking ass and almost done.

Here is Keaton helping by laying on the piece of drywall i laid down to cut. She is feeling a bit neglected these days and is resorting to these tactics for attention. too cute.Shower pan is done. thats the concrete shower floor. Also all concrete board is up on the wall and the seams are sealed.
Now i get to seal the whole shower to make sure it doesn't leak with this pink pepto bismol looking stuff.
and it goes on hot pink and dries bright red
Here is the bright red shower from Hell. Its ready for tile and be finished. just need to finish texture and painting the ceiling first.
and Chara helped me put in the new window. its amazing how much better the new windows look than the old ones.
And i grouted the new bathroom sink counter top the other day. Its looking really good. almost done with that too.
all the drywall is up and done. just need to finish mudding and sanding to get it ready for paint.

Then its paint, tile and carpet and we can call this project done. getting close now.

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