Monday, September 15, 2008

Trip to WA - The Puyallup Fair

while up in WA we it up the Puyallup Fair. Its a great time with great fair food and fun things to walk around and see.

Our friends came out to the fair with us. Here is James and Jerry wearing their cowboy gear.
we all did the big yellow slide. Here are the girls, Chara, Chelsea and momma Jane.
The girls again in front of a duck
Chara and Chelsea at the beer/wine garden. we spent a lot of time there.
and then after Chara was tired and was pulled around in a wagon.
and then she was very tired and done with the fair. Her and Brandon protested their tiredness and we left shortly there after.
we had a great time with great food and great friends to hang out with. I wish we could have stayed up in WA longer and could go to the fair again. I think Chara will never want to go to the fair again. But she did enjoy the food and wine tasting.

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