Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wii like to party

Here are the girls Boxing.
Here are the boys boxing.
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Chelsea said...

Are you girls wearing matching outfits?

Ashlee said...

What's this? Chara, having fun? Chara without her nose in a book???? YAY Chara!

Ben.. said...

what? you guys don't have matching outfits for when you play video games?

Chelsea said...

Heck....Brandon complains that I never play video games with him. The reason being that he has an xbox 360, a playstation 3, and a psp....all with nothing but war games where you blow each other up in battles.
I have been beging him for a wii for ever! Now the boys and I are saving up. When we get one out....we will all be matching!

Anonymous said...

Are you online with that bad boy and do you have mario cart?